Before you Spray Tan

  • Remember to shave
  • No makeup
  • No lotion
  • No deodorant
  • Wear loose clothing and flip flops

These will help for your spray tan to last longer and look amazing!

After you Spray Tan

  • You must RINSE OFF in the TIMEFRAME I provide you, per the color we chose. Waiting longer or earlier than the suggested time can adversly affect the color of the tan making it to light or to dark.
  • DO NOT GET WET (no hand washing immediately after) or SWEAT BEFORE THE FIRST SHOWER AFTER THE SPRAY TAN.
  • When you rinse off, only do a LIGHT RINSE to remove the BRONZER with warm-cool water. DO NOT scrub your body or use any soaps, washcloths, loofahs or body-wash-RINSE ONLY with water!
  • When rinsing you will see the bronzer was off. This is normal.
  • FYI: The spray tan takes 10-12 hours to fully develop.
  • You can wear anything you want after you RINSE OFF. Start moisturizing with a body lotion at least 2x a day starting the next day. This is IMPORTANT to help prolong the tan and help it fade nicely. Patching & streaking could result if not followed. Avoid hot bath, saunas, hot tubs, etc during this time.